Tuesday, July 16, 2013

India Tomorrow!

Tonight is my last night in San Diego. Leaving home is always bittersweet, but right now I am not sure what to feel -- excited doesn't even begin to cover it, and nervousness definitely plays a role. I have not traveled much in my life thus far, so this is a huge step for me. Luckily, this first week I spend in India my family will be right by my side. My family also doesn't really travel, so when we were setting plans for the summer, they decided that they want to see where I will be working and take the opportunity to visit a place so far beyond of our imaginations.

Building up to this moment in time has been quite the process. Getting our visas in order, purchasing flights, choosing a tour, and packing appropriate clothing has been an experience within itself. When my dad's friend from high school told us that short-shorts and tank tops are a "no-go" in India, we realized that we are going to have to make some major adjustments. Nonetheless, it's all for learning purposes and we hope to gain the most out of our trip!

After my family leaves, I am staying with Jayaa Singh. Jayaa is the founder of the Salokaya College of Nursing, and a Michigan alumna. We have been keeping in touch since last October, and I am so excited to finally meet her and work with her!

Me and all my suitcases! The See's Candies are a gift for Jayaa!

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